Stats Extension

CKAN’s stats extension analyzes your CKAN database and displays several tables and graphs with statistics about your site, including:

  • Total number of datasets
  • Dataset revisions per week
  • Top-rated datasets
  • Most-edited Datasets
  • Largest groups
  • Top tags
  • Users owning most datasets

See also

CKAN’s built-in page view tracking feature, which tracks visits to pages.

See also

A CKAN extension that integrates Google Analytics into CKAN.

Enabling the Stats Extension

To enable the stats extensions add stats to the ckan.plugins option in your CKAN config file, for example:

ckan.plugins = stats

If you also set the ckanext.stats.cache_enabled option to true, CKAN will cache the stats for one day instead of calculating them each time a user visits the stats page.

Viewing the Statistics

To view the statistics reported by the stats extension, visit the /stats page, for example: