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Welcome to CKAN’s Documentation

This documentation covers how to set up and manage CKAN. For high-level information on what CKAN is, see the CKAN website.

Structure & Audiences

These docs are ordered with the beginner documentation first, and the most advanced documentation last:

  • User guide and Sysadmin guide are what most people will need. They explain the CKAN functionalities that users and sysadmins will encounter when using its web interface.
  • Installing CKAN and Getting started walk you through installing CKAN and setting up your own CKAN site with some basic customizations. These are for sysadmins who’re new to CKAN and want go get started with it.
  • The sections under Features cover setting up and using CKAN features, beyond those that just work out of the box. These are for sysadmins who want to learn how to manage and get more out of their CKAN site.
  • Writing CKAN extensions, Theming and The CKAN API are advanced docs for developers who want to develop an extension, theme or API app using CKAN.
  • Contributing to CKAN and Testing CKAN are for testers, translators and core developers who want to contribute to CKAN.
  • Finally, Config File Options and Changelog are reference docs covering CKAN’s config file options and the differences between CKAN releases.