Tag Vocabularies

New in version 1.7.

CKAN sites can have tag vocabularies, which are a way of grouping related tags together into custom fields.

For example, if you were making a site for music datasets. you might use a tag vocabulary to add two fields Genre and Composer to your site’s datasets, where each dataset can have one of the values Avant-Garde, Country or Jazz in its genre field, and one of the values Beethoven, Wagner, or Tchaikovsky in its composer field. In this example, genre and composer would be vocabularies and the values would be tags:

  • Vocabulary: Genre

    • Tag: Avant-Garde

    • Tag: Country

    • Tag: Jazz

  • Vocabulary: Composer

    • Tag: Beethoven

    • Tag: Wagner

    • Tag: Tchaikovsky

Ofcourse, you could just add Avant-Garde, Beethoven, etc. to datasets as normal CKAN tags, but using tag vocabularies lets you define Avant-Garde, Country and Jazz as genres and Beethoven, Wagner and Tchaikovsky as composers, and lets you enforce restrictions such as that each dataset must have a genre and a composer, and that no dataset can have two genres or two composers, etc.

Another example use-case for tag vocabularies would be to add a Country Code field to datasets defining the geographical coverage of the dataset, where each dataset is assigned a country code such as en, fr, de, etc. See ckanext/example_idatasetform for a working example implementation of country codes as a tag vocabulary.

Properties of Tag Vocabularies

  • A CKAN website can have any number of vocabularies.

  • Each vocabulary has an ID and name.

  • Each tag either belongs to a vocabulary, or can be a free tag that doesn’t belong to any vocabulary (i.e. a normal CKAN tag).

  • A dataset can have more than one tag from the same vocabulary, and can have tags from more than one vocabulary.

Using Vocabularies

To add a tag vocabulary to a site, a CKAN sysadmin must:

  1. Call the vocabulary_create() action of the CKAN API to create the vocabulary and tags. See API guide.

  2. Implement an IDatasetForm plugin to add a new field for the tag vocabulary to the dataset schema. See Extending guide.

  3. Provide custom dataset templates to display the new field to users when adding, updating or viewing datasets in the CKAN web interface. See Theming guide.

See ckanext/example_idatasetform for a working example of these steps.