Upgrading CKAN

This document explains how to upgrade a site to a newer version of CKAN. It will walk you through the steps to upgrade your CKAN site to a newer version of CKAN.


The currently supported CKAN version is CKAN 2.10.4

Security and performance fixes are also provided for CKAN 2.9.10.

Read more about officially supported versions

1. Prepare the upgrade

  • Before upgrading your version of CKAN you should check that any custom templates or extensions you’re using work with the new version of CKAN. For example, you could install the new version of CKAN in a new virtual environment and use that to test your templates and extensions.

  • You should also read the Changelog to see if there are any extra notes to be aware of when upgrading to the new version.


You should always backup your CKAN database before upgrading CKAN. If something goes wrong with the CKAN upgrade you can use the backup to restore the database to its pre-upgrade state. See Backup your CKAN database

2. Upgrade CKAN

The process of upgrading CKAN differs depending on whether you have a package install or a source install of CKAN, and whether you’re upgrading to a major, minor or patch release of CKAN. Follow the appropriate one of these documents:

See also

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The changelog lists all CKAN releases and the main changes introduced in each release.

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