Projects for beginner CKAN developers

The ‘Good for Contribution’ label on Github lists issues which are feasible for people who aren’t intimately familiar with CKAN’s internals. Many of them are things which would be extremely helpful if they got done, but the core team never seems to get around to them. They’re all busy wrestling with the problems that do require familiarity with the internals. We hope this will make it easier for more people to assist the CKAN project, by giving new developers places to jump in.

These issues vary from simple text changes to more complicated code changes that require more knowledge of Python and CKAN. Do not despair if any individual task seems daunting; there’s probably an easier one. If you have no programming skills, we can still use your help with documentation or translation.

If you wish to take up an issue make sure to keep in touch with the team on the Github issue itself, the ckan-dev mailing list, or the CKAN chat on Gitter.