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Setting up Solr

CKAN uses Solr as search platform. This document describes different topics related with the deployment and management of Solr from a CKAN point of view.

CKAN uses customized schema files that take into account its specific search needs. Different versions of the schema file are found in ckan/ckan/config/solr

The following instructions apply to Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise), the recommended platform by the CKAN team. Other versions or distributions may need slightly different instructions.


The following instructions deploy Solr on the Jetty server, but CKAN does not require it, you can use Tomcat if that is more convenient on your distribution.

Single Solr instance

In this case, there will be only one Solr endpoint that uses a single schema file. This can be useful for a Solr server used by only a single CKAN instance, or different instances that share the same schema version.

To install Solr (if you are following the Installing CKAN from Source or Installing CKAN from Package instructions, you already did this):

sudo apt-get install solr-jetty openjdk-6-jdk

You’ll need to edit the Jetty configuration file (/etc/default/jetty) with the suitable values:

NO_START=0            # (line 4)
JETTY_HOST=  # (line 15)
JETTY_PORT=8983       # (line 18)

Start the Jetty server:

sudo service jetty start

You should see welcome page from Solr when visiting (replace localhost with your server address if needed):


and the admin site:



If you get the message Could not start Jetty servlet engine because no Java Development Kit (JDK) was found. then you will have to edit the JAVA_HOME setting in /etc/default/jetty to point to your machine’s JDK install location. For example:




This default setup will use the following locations in your file system:

Solr home, with a symlink pointing to the configuration dir in /etc.
Solr configuration files. The more important ones are schema.xml and solrconfig.xml.
This is where the index files are physically stored.

You will obviously need to replace the default schema.xml file with the CKAN one. To do so, create a symbolic link to the schema file in the config folder. Use the latest schema version supported by the CKAN version you are installing (it will generally be the highest one):

sudo mv /etc/solr/conf/schema.xml /etc/solr/conf/schema.xml.bak
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ckan/default/src/ckan/ckan/config/solr/schema-2.0.xml /etc/solr/conf/schema.xml

Now restart jetty:

sudo service jetty restart

And check that Solr is running by browsing http://localhost:8983/solr/ which should offer the Administration link.

Multiple Solr cores

Solr can also be set up to have multiple configurations and indexes on the same instance. This is specially useful when you want other applications than CKAN or different CKAN versions to use the same Solr instance. The different cores will have different paths in the Solr server URL:

http://localhost:8983/solr/ckan-schema-1.2       # Used by CKAN up to 1.5
http://localhost:8983/solr/ckan-schema-1.3       # Used by CKAN 1.5.1
http://localhost:8983/solr/ckan-schema-1.4       # Used by CKAN 1.7
http://localhost:8983/solr/ckan-schema-2.0       # Used by CKAN 2.0
http://localhost:8983/solr/some-other-site  # Used by another site

To set up a multicore Solr instance, repeat the steps on the previous section to configure a single Solr instance.

Create a solr.xml file in /usr/share/solr. This file will list the different cores, and allows also to define some configuration options. This is how cores are defined:

<solr persistent="true" sharedLib="lib">
    <cores adminPath="/admin/cores">
        <core name="ckan-schema-1.4" instanceDir="ckan-schema-1.4">
            <property name="dataDir" value="/var/lib/solr/data/ckan-schema-1.4" />
        <core name="ckan-schema-2.0" instanceDir="ckan-schema-2.0">
            <property name="dataDir" value="/var/lib/solr/data/ckan-schema-2.0" />

Adjust the names to match the CKAN schema versions you want to run.

Note that each core is configured with its own data directory. This is really important to prevent conflicts between cores. Now create them like this:

sudo -u jetty mkdir /var/lib/solr/data/ckan-schema-1.4
sudo -u jetty mkdir /var/lib/solr/data/ckan-schema-2.0

For each core, we will create a folder in /usr/share/solr, with a symbolic link to a specific configuration folder in /etc/solr/. Copy the existing conf directory to the core directory and link it from the home dir like this:

sudo mkdir /etc/solr/ckan-schema-1.4
sudo mv /etc/solr/conf /etc/solr/ckan-schema-1.4/

sudo mkdir /usr/share/solr/ckan-schema-1.4
sudo ln -s /etc/solr/ckan-schema-1.4/conf /usr/share/solr/ckan-schema-1.4/conf

Now configure the core to use the data directory you have created. Edit /etc/solr/ckan-schema-1.4/conf/solrconfig.xml and change the <dataDir> to this variable:


This will ensure the core uses the data directory specified earlier in solr.xml.

Once you have your first core configured, to create new ones, you just need to add them to the solr.xml file and copy the existing configuration dir:

sudo mkdir /etc/solr/ckan-schema-2.0
sudo cp -R /etc/solr/ckan-schema-1.4/conf /etc/solr/ckan-schema-2.0

sudo mkdir /usr/share/solr/ckan-schema-2.0
sudo ln -s /etc/solr/ckan-schema-2.0/conf /usr/share/solr/ckan-schema-2.0/conf

Remember to ensure that each core points to the correct CKAN schema. To link each schema to the relevant file on the CKAN source use the following:

sudo rm /etc/solr/ckan-schema-2.0/conf/schema.xml
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ckan/default/src/ckan/ckan/config/solr/schema-2.0.xml /etc/solr/ckan-schema-2.0/conf/schema.xml

Now restart jetty:

sudo service jetty restart

And check that Solr is listing all the cores when browsing http://localhost:8983/solr/


Solr requests and errors are logged in the web server log.

  • For jetty servers, they are located in:

  • For Tomcat servers, they are located in:


Some problems that can be found during the install:

  • When setting up a multi-core Solr instance, no cores are shown when visiting the Solr index page, and the admin interface returns a 404 error.

    Check the web server error log if you can find an error similar to this one:

    WARNING: [] Solr index directory '/usr/share/solr/' doesn't exist. Creating new index...
    07-Dec-2011 18:06:33 org.apache.solr.common.SolrException log
    SEVERE: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot create directory: /usr/share/solr/

    The dataDir is not properly configured. With our setup the data directory should be under /var/lib/solr/data. Make sure that you defined the correct dataDir in the solr.xml file and that in the solrconfig.xml file you have the following configuration option:

  • When running Solr it says Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath. Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK.

    See the note above about JAVA_HOME. Alternatively you may not have installed the JDK. Check by seeing if javac is installed:

    which javac

    If it isn’t do:

    sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

    and restart Solr.

Handling changes in the CKAN schema

At some point, changes in new CKAN versions will mean modifications in the schema to support new features or fix defects. These changes won’t be always backwards compatible, so some changes in the Solr servers will need to be performed.

If a CKAN instance is using a Solr server for itself, the schema can just be updated on the Solr server and the index rebuilt. But if a Solr server is shared between different CKAN instances, there may be conflicts if the schema is updated.

CKAN uses the following conventions for supporting different schemas:

  • If needed, create a new schema file when releasing a new version of CKAN (i.e if there are two or more different modifications in the schema file between CKAN releases, only one new schema file is created).

  • Keep different versions of the Solr schema in the CKAN source, with a naming convention, schema-<version>.xml:

  • Each new version of the schema file must include its version in the main <schema> tag:

    <schema name="ckan" version="2.0">
  • Solr servers used by more than one CKAN instance should be configured as multiple cores, and provide a core for each schema version needed. The cores should be named following the convention schema-<version>, e.g.:


When a new version of the schema becomes available, a new core is created, with a link to the latest schema.xml file in the CKAN source. That way, CKAN instances that use an older version of the schema can still point to the core that uses it, while more recent versions can point to the latest one. When old versions of CKAN are updated, they only need to change their solr_url setting to point to the suitable Solr core.