The CKAN DataStore provides a database for structured storage of data together with a powerful Web-accessible Data API, all seamlessly integrated into the CKAN interface and authorization system.

The installation and set-up of the DataStore in outlined in Setting up the DataStore.

If you want to use the API and you are looking for the API documentation, go to The DataStore Data API.

Relationship to FileStore

The DataStore is distinct but complementary to the FileStore (see FileStore and File Uploads). In contrast to the the FileStore which provides ‘blob’ storage of whole files with no way to access or query parts of that file, the DataStore is like a database in which individual data elements are accessible and queryable. To illustrate this distinction, consider storing a spreadsheet file like a CSV or Excel document. In the FileStore this file would be stored directly. To access it you would download the file as a whole. By contrast, if the spreadsheet data is stored in the DataStore, one would be able to access individual spreadsheet rows via a simple web API, as well as being able to make queries over the spreadsheet contents.

DataStorer: Automatically Add Data to the DataStore

Often, one wants data that is added to CKAN (whether it is linked to or uploaded to the FileStore) to be automatically added to the DataStore. This requires some processing, to extract the data from your files and to add it to the DataStore in the format the DataStore can handle.

This task of automatically parsing and then adding data to the DataStore is performed by a DataStorer, a queue process that runs asynchronously and can be triggered by uploads or other activities. The DataStorer is an extension and can be found, along with installation instructions, at: