Task Status

The Task Status domain object is essentially a key/value store that is used by CKAN Tasks to store the results of each processing task.


Each task status entry consists of the following required fields:

  • id [UnicodeText]: A unique ID for each status object. Automatically generated if not provided.
  • entity_id [UnicodeText]: Each task_status entry is assumed to be information about a task that performs some operation on another CKAN domain object (usually either a dataset/package or a resource). This refers to the ID of that object.
  • entity_type [UnicodeText]: The type of CKAN domain object that the task operates on (eg: resource).
  • task_type [UnicodeText]: The type of CKAN Task (eg: qa, webstorer, archiver, etc).
  • key [UnicodeText]: Key descriptor for data being stored.
  • value [UnicodeText]: Actual data being stored.


each task status entry must be unique on (entity_id, task_type, key).

They also contain a number of optional fields:

  • state [UnicodeText]: The current (or final) state of the task.
  • error [UnicodeText]: Information about any error that occurred during processing.
  • last_updated [DateTime]: The time at which this entry was last updated. Defaults to the current time.