Data Viewer

CKAN’s resource page can provide a preview of the resource’s data if it is of an appropriate format. If the data is available through the CKAN DataStore API, or if the data is a csv or xls file; then Recline’s Data Explorer is used. If the data is another webpage; a google doc; or an image; then it is embedded in an iframe for viewing. Or if the data is text-like, then it’s raw contents are displayed.

Data Explorer

The Recline Data Explorer provides a rich, queryable view of the data. The data can be filtered, faceted, graphed and mapped. Furthermore, the grid, graph or map can then be embedded into your own site using the Embed button, and copying the provided html snippet into your webpage.

How It Works (Technically)

The relevant code for setting up the data viewer is found in application.js.

All resources available through the DataStore API are available for viewing through the Data Explorer. using recline’s elasticsearch backend. If the datastore is not available, and the filetype is normalized to csv or xls, then a dataproxy is used to attempt to view the data (using recline’s dataproxy backend).


If a resource is viewable through the Data Explorer, then it is also embeddable in third-party web pages. /dataset/{name}/resource/{resource_id}/embed provides a stripped-down page containing the data explorer. The data explorer’s state is passed through using the url’s query parameters.