CKAN Administrative Dashboard

CKAN provides an administrative dashboard available to Sysadmin Administrators. The dashboard allows you to:

  • Create and remove sysadmins
  • Edit general system level authorization
  • Manage the ‘trash’ bin (i.e. datasets or revisions that have been marked as deleted)

The dashboard is located, relative to your site root, at /ckan-admin/.


To create your first sysadmin you cannot use Dashboard as you will not yet have access! Instead create a sysadmin using the command line paster by running the following command:

paster sysadmin -h

Setting System-Level Roles

Authorization interface is located at: /ckan-admin/authz

This page allows you to see and change the users and authorization groups who have ‘roles’ on the ‘System Object’. In a standard installation, there are four ‘roles’ which a user can have on the System (or on any object):

  • admin (administrator)

    • Having an admin role on the System objects means you are a System Administrator and may carry out any operation on any object.


      Once a person is an system administrator, they can carry out any operatoin on the system including destructive ones. Grant System Administrator access with care!

  • reader (Read action allowed)

    • Without read access a site user or visitor will not be able to see anything except the login page, even the page which allows them to create an account, so they’re locked out forever unless they already have a valid account.
  • editor (Update action allowed)

  • anon-editor


these roles can be applied to users on your system as well as to ‘pseudo-users’ like ‘visitor’, which stands for anyone who accesses the site whether logged in or not (see Set and Manage Permissions for more on permissions and roles).

Make Someone a Sysadmin

Given the user the role ‘admin’.

The Trash

When you delete datasets or revisions they go into the ‘trash’. The contents of the trash can be viewed by System Administrators at: /ckan-admin/trash.

Contents of the trash can be removed permanently (and irreversibly) by going to the trash page and selecting the purge option.