Prepare to Use ExtensionsΒΆ

If you are running a package installation of CKAN, before you start using and testing extensions (described in Add Extensions) you need to prepare your system.

Firstly, you’ll need to set up and enter a virtual Python environment, as follows:

sudo apt-get install virtualenv python-pip mercurial
virtualenv /home/ubuntu/pyenv
. /home/ubuntu/pyenv/bin/activate

Then, you need to install the CKAN source into your virtual environment. You can install CKAN like this:

pip install -e hg+

Your new CKAN developer install will be running on http://localhost:5000/

When you start using extensions, you should install any of the developer versions of the CKAN extensions you want to work on like this (using the appropriate URL):

pip install -e hg+<dependency-name>@<version>#egg=<egg-name>

The dependency you’ve installed will appear in /home/ubuntu/pyenv/src/ where you can work on it.

After working on extensions, you should make sure that your deployment passes the tests, as described in Testing for Developers.