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This part of the CKAN web interface provides an easy way to import packages into CKAN in bulk via a spreadsheet. It fills the gap between entry via a simple form (/package/new) and the RESTful API (/api/rest).

** NB: This feature is not currently available. **


Importing a package with the same name as one that exists in the CKAN database results in the new package overwriting the existing one. There is a warning for this.

To perform an import, the user must be logged in. To add a package to a group, the user must have priviledges to edit the particular group.


The details of the packages should be stored in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. In Excel format, the package details should be the first (or only) sheet of a workbook.

The importer looks for a header row (which must contain ‘name’ or ‘title’) and below that all the rows are the package details. The header row can contain any or all of the field names, but must include ‘name’ or ‘title’. If the ‘name’ is not specified then a unique name will be generated from the title.


  A B C D E
1 Packages        
3 name title resource-0-url tags  
4 wikipedia Wikipedia encyclopedia reference  
5 tviv TV IV tv encyclopaedia  


Each package has many fields.

Name Example value Notes
name wikipedia-blind  
title Wikipedia for the Blind  
notes Maintained until 2008  
resource-0-url Number resources from 0.
resource-0-format csv  
resource-0-description English version  
resource-0-hash e0d123e5f31 Hash of the resource
resource-1-format csv  
resource-1-description French version  
resource-1-hash 78bfdf5a008  
tags encyclopedia blind format-csv Space separated list
author John Doe  
maintainer John Doe  
license OKD Compliant::UK Click Use PSI License name
[arbitrary]   Any field name and a string value.
groups blind-picks Space separated list of group names to add package to.

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