Form integration

CKAN provides facility for integrating the package editing forms into another front end

Form completion redirect

It is simple enough for the external front end to link to CKAN’s package creation or edit pages, but once the form is submitted the user needs to be redirected back to the external front end, instead of CKAN’s package read page. This is achieved with a parameter to the CKAN URL.

The ‘return URL’ can be specified in two places:

  1. passed as a URL encoded value with the parameter “return_to” in the link to CKAN’s form page.
  2. specified in the CKAN config key ‘package_new_return_url’ and ‘package_edit_return_url’.

(If the ‘return URL’ is given in both ways then the first takes precedence.)

Since the ‘return URL’ may need to include the package name, which could be set in the form, CKAN replaces a known placeholder “<NAME>” with this value on redirect.

Note that the downside of specifying the ‘return URL’ in the CKAN config is that the CKAN web interface is less usable on its own, since the user is hampered by the redirects to the external interface.


An external front end displays a package ‘ontariolandcoverv100’ here:

It displays a link to edit this package using CKAN’s form, which without the redirect would be:

On first thought, the return link is:

But when the user edit’s this package, the name may change. So the return link needs to be:<NAME>

This is URL encoded to be:

So the edit link becomes:

During editing the package, the user changes the name to canadalandcover, presses ‘preview’ and finally ‘commit’. The user is now redirected back to the external front end at:

This same functionality could be achieved by this line in the config (


package_edit_return_url =<NAME>


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