The CKAN API presents the catalog of metadata behind CKAN.


The CKAN data catalog is not only available in a web browser, but also via its Application Programming Interface (API).

The API can be used to view and change the catalog. This document describes the resource locations, data formats, and status codes which comprise the CKAN API, so that anyone can create software applications that use the API service.

The CKAN API follows the RESTful (Representational State Transfer) style. Resource locations are separated both from the methods supported by the resources, and from the data formats and status codes used by the methods.


The CKAN API is versioned, so that backwards incompatible changes can be introduced without removing existing support. A particular version of the API can be used by including its version number after the API location and before the resource location.

If the API version is not included in the request, then the API will use the oldest supported version of the API to handle that request. The oldest supported version is currently 1.

Version 1

The CKAN API Version 1 is the original API. At first, package and group names were invariant, and were used in persistent references.

Version 2

The CKAN API Version 2 is the latest API. Since edting the names of packages and groups is now possible, packages and groups are identified by their UUID in entity representations.

Code Modules for Client Applications

There are also some code modules (Python, PHP, Drupal, Perl etc.) that provide convenient wrappers around much of the CKAN API. For full details of these, please consult:

Example of Usage

Let’s say you’re using and want a list of all the packages. If you GET then it will return the list of the package names in JSON format:

["2000-us-census-rdf", "32000-naples-florida-businesses-kml", "aaoe-87", "acawiki", "adb-sdbs", "addgene", "advances-in-dental-research", ... ]

There are several ways you might access this URL:

  • simply put this URL into your web browser and save the resulting text file
  • you could use a command-line program such as curl or wget
  • you could write a program that uses an http library
  • use the Python library CKAN Client
  • use command-line tool Datapkg. It manages datasets in a similar way as getting software packages with apt-get or CPAN.

You could search for packages to do with ‘open street map’ like this: returning:

{"count": 4, "results": ["uk-naptan-osm", "osm-uk", "osm", "naptan"]}

You can see the full record for the osm package in JSON format with this: which returns:

{"id": "a3dd8f64-9078-4f04-845c-e3f047125028", "name": "osm", "title": "Open Street Map", "version": null, "url": "", ... }

You might add a tag by a PUT to with this data:

{"tags": ["navigation", "openstreetmap", "map", "geo", "geodata", "xml", "publicdomain", "osm", "my-new-tag"]}

Here we use curl to create a new package (you’ll need your own API Key to try this):

$ curl -d '{"name":"test", "title":"Test package"}' -H "Authorization: 474d34e4-b710-4b77-b89f-2e909c336b91"

And we create an example package with some government data:

$ curl -d '{"name": "abstract_of_scottish_agricultural_statistics", "title": "Abstract of Scottish Agricultural Statistics", "version": null, "url": null, "author": "Scottish Government", "author_email": null, "maintainer": null, "maintainer_email": null, "notes": "A long term series of all the main agriculture census items collected in the June census.\n\nSource agency: Scottish Government\n\nDesignation: National Statistics\n\nLanguage: English\n\nAlternative title: Abstract of Scottish Agricultural Statistics", "license_id": "ukcrown-withrights", "tags": ["farm-outputs", "environment", "agriculture", "farming", "agriculture-and-environment"], "extras": {"geographic_coverage": "010000: Scotland", "geographical_granularity": "Country", "external_reference": "ONSHUB", "temporal_granularity": "", "date_updated": "", "agency": "", "precision": "", "temporal_coverage_to": "", "temporal_coverage_from": "", "national_statistic": "yes", "import_source": "ONS-ons_data_50_days_to_2010-05-04", "department": "Scottish Government", "update_frequency": "", "date_released": "2010-03-17", "categories": "Agriculture and Environment"}, "resources": [{"url": "", "description": "1982-2008 | hub/id/119-33192", "format": ""}, {"url": "", "description": "1982-2007 | hub/id/119-34917", "format": ""}, {"url": "", "description": "1983-2009 | hub/id/119-44310", "format": ""}]}' -H "Authorization: d6c3349a-6ccf-45ef-88d4-a8e59a574bf2"

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